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This page outlines my experience and the design services I offer through MIDI Solutions Inc.

I have been involved in MIDI product design full time for over 30 years. In 1992 I founded MIDI Solutions Inc. (, a company that manufactures a line of MIDI processing products. I designed all of the MIDI Solutions products that are in production today, as well as many customized versions of these products for customers with unique MIDI-processing requirements. Over the years I have come across practically every type of MIDI problem, and have gained the experience to know what is required in order to best solve these problems.

The basis for my custom work is the existing line of MIDI Solutions products - if your MIDI processing requirement can be incorporated into the hardware of one of these products, I likely can provide the solution (currently I am not taking on projects that require the design of new hardware). For more information on the complete line of MIDI Solutions products see At present all of my work is done under MIDI Solutions Inc. - see for more information on MIDI Solutions' Custom Design Service.

If after reading the above you feel that your MIDI processing requirement fits the description, please feel free to contact me for a quote by sending an email describing your requirements to, or contact me at 604 794 3013.

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PO Box 3010, Vancouver, BC Canada V6B 3X5